Production technician (Suzhou)

Application deadline 2018-05-29
Position description 1.Operate the laser cutting/marking machines for electric cabinets and name plates.
2.Maintain the related equipment and tools.
3.Maintain and continue to improve 5s of work areas.
4.Print the drawings and ECNs by SAP according to the requirement, and hand over to the related persons.
5.Make and record the related production forms.
6.Use the PPE strictly according to the requirement.
7.Understand the easy English words.
8.Other jobs assigned by supervisor.
9.Familiar with office software.
10.Honest, good attitude and good team work spirit.
Requirements 1.Over 2 years working experience in laser cutting or laser marking machines.
2.Have the mechanical assembly experience.
3.Over 2 years working experience in SAP operation. Senior high school or relevant technical school. 1.Have the experience in mechanical assembly or laser cutting machine.
2.Have the experience in SAP operation.
Country China
Job area Manufacturing