Maintenance Supervisor - Electrical

Application deadline 2018-05-24
Position description Position : Maintenance Supervisor - Electrical
Reports to : HOD - Electrical
Location : HZL, Dariba
Responsibilities Services Contract Management has the execution responsibility for three contract types: Operation & Maintenance (O&M) agreements, Maintenance agreements and Technical Management agreements.
Globally the business covers over 500 installations both on land and sea and is one of the strategic growth areas within the Services Division.
"All kind of shift activities to be done
with the objective of ensuring smooth running of power plant and
Ensuring the proper functioning of all equipments, attending to the problems encountered and
developing solutions to counter them, within the guidelines of Wartsila policies with the
objective of ensuring smooth running of power plant and meeting Customer expectations."
Position Description:
1 Contract Deliverables Responsible for achieving following Contractual deliverables:
a) Maintenance and upkeep of Generator / Boiler / Turbine & its auxillaries.
b) Maintenance and upkeep of CHP/AHP/MRSS.
c) To be complete PM/RM activities, attend all kind of breakdowns & defects.
d) Trippings as per contract
e) Zero Injury (LTI)
f) Zero LD
2 Planning
a) Operation & maintenance of electrical systems, specially Switch yard equipments.
b) Understanding customer need and align plant operation.
3 Routine job
a) Continuous monitoring of parameters in DCS and taking immediate corrective actions in
case of any deviation observed.
b) To do regular walk-by inspections and log Shift / Daily / weekly Operation Parameters
c) Ensure implementation of safe operating practices of various equipments like, Generator, boiler, turbine,
Ash Handling, coal handling plant, Switch yard equipments like Transformer, CT, PT, Isolators and Transmission lines.(MRSS) etc
d) To analyse all operation data with respective standards and log all deviations and report

e) Follow instructions of Area Incharges / HOD.
f) Following instructions from Shift Incharge.
g) To prepare all required shift reports.
h) To follow SOPs for all equipment / process operations.
i) To follow up with Maintenance department on status of PM / RM completion.
j) To focus on Aux. Power consumption.
k) To understand and able to perform all emergency operations.
4 Safety
a) Implementation of prudent safe practices while issuing permits.
b) Compliance of OHSAS 18001 & Du Pont standards.
c) Use of all required PPEs while carrying out the job.
d) Identification of Critical activities and preparation of JSAs
e) Implementation of Good house keeping practices and ensure that all operating floors are
maintained neat and clean
5. Development of Systems & Processes / Continual improvement
a) To contribute / facilitate in development of systems and processes to improve Safety and
Technical performance.
b) Participation in 3E Projects.
Requirements Knowledge of Protection system.
Knowledge of Switch yard operation & maintenance
Knowledge of Changeover schemes & operation - maintenance of Generator/Turbine/Boiler/AHP & CHP equipment's
Good sound knowledge of Electrical & SAP systems

Degree / Diploma in Electrical Engineering 5- 8 years experience in Thermal Power Plants.
Contact person to give further information Mr. Brajesh Acharya
Country India
Job area Contract Delivery