Control Room Operator

Wartsila Eastern Africa Ltd is registered in South Sudan as a Service Company
Application deadline 2018-04-27
Position description The Control Room Operator position exists in Wartsila Eastern Africa Ltd Republic of South Sudan at Paloch oil fields.
Responsibilities Monitor all parameters of engine and auxiliaries during operation.
· Be able to identify and locate all existing sensors and transmitters of pressure and temperature of the engines
and their auxiliary equipment, knowing how to test them and to substitute them if necessary.
· Be able to start the local and remote engines and to synchronize them and present immediate solutions of
protection of the equipment in cases of possible flaws
· Reset alarmed equipment on plant panels, be able to identify the alarms which occurred in the electric panels and
equipment protection and to correct all abnormalities that occur in these equipment
· Report to shift / electrical engineer in case of any abnormality.
· Knowledge of all safety regulations
· Take active part in trouble shooting and maintenance jobs during shift.
· Attend all control room activities
-Operate and maintain the plant during the shift according to company policies and procedures.
-Maintain plant power production at the output designated by management. Operate the plant within the
acceptable loading envelope under plant dispatch directives from utility.
-Assist in start-up, shut-down and normal operations of the power plant systems.
-Complete and maintain all logs and running records in a clear and concise manner according to guidelines.
-Responsible for taking corrective action during system operational disturbance and/or bringing such disturbances
to the attention of the Operations Supervisor.
-Effectively communicate the condition of the plant equipment and performance to shift charge and fellow plant
-Responsible for maintaining the plant in a clean and safe condition at all times.
-Perform emergency procedures in order to protect personnel and equipment in case of damage or failure of safety
-Utilize all tools, equipment, and accessories in such a manner so as to maximize useful operating life.
-Provide the relieving Shift Operator with a complete handover, bringing to his attention any operational
disturbances, malfunctions or abnormalities.
-To perform planned and corrective maintenance as directed and as needed and to account for all parts and
materials, supplies and fluids used in the performance of that work
Requirements Degree or Diploma in Electrical Engineering 8-10 years experience in maintenance of heavy fuel operated Wartsila installations
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Country East Africa
Job area Contract Delivery