Service Engineer (electrical)

Application deadline 2018-03-27
Position description Accountabilities:
1.Completeness of the work performed.
2.Lead time to perform work.
3.Quality of the work performed, No rework.
4.Reporting time and quality, 2days and weekly daily report.
5.Reporting, accuracy, informative.

Main Responsibilities:
1.Independently execute Field Service activities such as overhaul, repair and trouble shooting.
2.Identify failures, making adjustments, doing trial runs and testing of complete installations according to instructions.
3.Check and adjust relevant systems (i.e. auxiliary, propulsion…)
4.Provide internal and external work reports according to Wärtsilä standards.
5.Collect and organize time and expense reports. Reporting and informing administrative personnel as required.
6.Supervise the tasks performed by Wärtsilä employees and subcontractors.
7.Perform pre-commissioning and start-ups of Wärtsilä engines.
8.Promote Wärtsilä Products and Services.
9.To perform QEHS procedure within area of responsibility.

Development Responsibilities:
1.Develop relationship with customer, i.e.: get additional service job.
2.Develop self knowledge due daily work activity support.

Requirements Strong Leadership, good communication (English), willing to work under pressure, good reporting skill (English). Skill full PLC (any Brand) Min D3 above 5 years experience on the same position
Country Indonesia
Job area Service Delivery