Operator Assistant

Application deadline 2018-03-22
Position description Verify, maintain the power generation units and their auxiliary equipment and report any anomalies that they
observe on said equipment to the control operator.
Comply with all regulations, manuals, codes of safety, health and environment as well as Corporate guidelines in
Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.
To prioritize the responsibility and the commitment in the quality of its products and services in the safety, health
and environment in the work of all the activities in its charge
Ensure compliance with each and every one of Wärtsilä's rules, regulations, procedures and instructions.
Maintain Operating Units of Electric Power Generation
Requirements Knowledge of Industrial Safety, Occupational Health and Environment.
• Ability to read gauges
• Failure detection skills
• Ability to execute organizational procedures fully and correctly.
• Driving license
• Defensive driving
• First Aid Knowledge
• Knowledge in the identification of Risks and Impacts in their work activities. •Bachelor's or technical
•Electrical technician, mechanic, operator 1 year in similar positions
Country Dominican Republic
Job area Contract Delivery