Shift Supervisor (Mechanical)

Application deadline 2018-02-26
Position description Shift Supervisor - Coordinate operation activities during the shift to ensure that the plant is operated according to the demand.
Coordinate operation activities at the plant and/or assigned team during the shift.
Ensure that the performance targets of the plant are reached according to the contract in own responsibility area.
Train maintenance procedures and standards for the new workers.
Ensure that the work is executed at plant according to Wärtsilä Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental guidelines and customer site procedures.
Prioritize and assign tasks so that assigned team resources are used effectively and targets are met.
Communicate with the grid control centre and plant management about the loading of the plant.
Maintain all operation records according to guidelines. Assist the superior is as required.
Develop the operation working routines at the plant.
To monitor and take corrective actions engine parameters & deviations in the shift.
Ensuring the proper functioning of all equipment's, attending to the problems encountered and developing solutions to counter them, within the guidelines of Wartsila policies with the objective of ensuring smooth running of power plant and meeting Customer expectations.

Contract Deliverable Responsible for achieving following Contractual deliverables:
1) Lube oil consumption guarantees and other deliverables :
2) Ensuring safety of the self and fellow employees and customer employees while performing work on the engine.
3) Getting Shift Activities & routine jobs done.
a)Continuous monitoring of parameters on control panel and taking immediate corrective actions in case of any deviation observed. b) To do regular walk-by inspections and log Shift / Daily / weekly Operation Parameters.
c) Ensure implementation of safe operating practices of various equipments like, engines, Air compressor, supply units, breakers etc.
d) To analyse all operation data with respective standards and log all deviations and report to plant Manager.
e) To prepare all required shift reports.
h) To follow SOPs for all equipment / process operations.
i) To focus on Aux. Power consumption & keeping it under the contractual limits
k) To understand and able to perform all emergency operations.
4 Safety
a) Implementation of prudent safe practices while issuing permits.
b) Compliance of OHSAS 18001
c) Use of all required PPEs while carrying out the job.
d) Identification of Critical activities and preparation of JSAs
e) Implementation of Good house keeping practices and ensure that all operating floors are maintained neat and clean through
customer organisation.
5 Competence Assessment & Development
a) To understand competencies required for plant manager and work upon for self development.
6 developing a training plan in consultation with customer and delivering training to customer employees necessary for operation and maintenance of the plant.
Requirements Skill & Competence Requirement :
a) Communication skills
b) Interpersonal skills
c) Data interpretation & analysis
d) Report preparation & Presentation skills
e) Operation trouble shooting
f) First aid & Fire fighting
Characteristic and Talents:
a) General Skills - Cost awareness & effectiveness
b) Teamwork skills, Wärtsilä quality, safety& environment skills
c) Management & Leadership - Management skills, Problem solving and decision making.
d) Professional Skills - Prof / Auxiliary Systems Charge air system,Compressed air systems, Cooling water systems, Emission reduction systems, Exhaust gas systems, Fuel system, Fuel Injection support systems, Lubricating oil systems, Sludge reduction systems, Steam systems.
e) Prof/Engine and technical skills- Primary Electrical knowledge, Engine Control System knowledge. Engine knowledge, MS Operator´s station knowledge. Parameter trending & analysis. Plant cond. & efficiency monitoring.
f) Scheduled maintenance, MS, Store & tool keeping knowledge. Trouble shooting of mechanical equipment, Trouble shooting- mechanical. Technical drawings and flow charts reading knowledge.
Diploma/ Graduate in Mechanical Engineering Diploma candidate shall have 4~5 years of experience on DG set operations.
Graduate candidate shall have 2~3 years of experience on DG set operations
Country India
Job area Contract Delivery