Field Operator

Application deadline 2018-02-23
Position description -Operate the plant during the shift according to company policies, procedures and operation profile/plan. Perform minor
planned/unplanned maintenance during the shift. - Operate and maintain the plant during the shift according to company policies and
procedures, Maintain plant power production at the output designed by management. - Assist Shift Supervisors to perform his duties. -
Follow all procedures and instructions pertaining to start-up, shut-down and normal operations of the power plant systems. - Complete,
update and maintain all logs, check lists and running records in a clear and concise manner. - Assist in taking corrective action during
system operational disturbance - Communicate effectively the condition of all plant equipment, any deviation/ disturbance from the
normal conditions and other performances to Shift in charge and fellow personnel. - Watch over of all Alarms / Parameters of Engines and
auxiliaries, Monitoring and analysis of trends of data pertaining to equipment at all time and making proper follow up in this regard. - To
comply with all safety regulations including isolation, lock out and tag out and Perform emergency procedures in order to protect
personnel and equipment in case of damage or failure of safety devices. - Perform planned and corrective maintenance as directed and as
needed and to account for all parts and materials, supplies and fluids used in the performance of that work. - Visually inspects and listens
to equipment to assist in determining need for repair or adjustment - Obtain moderate proficiency in Control Room Operator's duties.
Relieve Control Room Operator for short periods of time.
Requirements Power generation expertise (Turbogenerators / Diesel engine generators) Engines knowledge Willingness to work in shifts. Fuel systems
knowledge (LFO/HFO/natural GAS) Troubleshooting skills Auxiliary systems knowledge. Team worker Responsive and Proactive Work
hours on a rotating shift basis and assist when needed through overtime or irregular hours High School Diploma (Electrical or Mechanical), Spanish mother tongue (Mandatory) Basic English (A1 level), Working knowledge of
Microsoft Office suite. Must possess a working knowledge of plant systems, normal and emergency procedures, equipment assignments. Willingness to work in
shifts. Work experience in any large plant process, Chemical, O&G plants or Power plants (desirable).
Country Argentina
Job area Contract Delivery