Superintendent, 2 stroke

Application deadline 2018-03-15
Position description To comply with the management system accordingly to what has been implemented locally for her/his position
Perform all activities needed to reach the objectives of the position and comply with the orders, instructions, values and company policies applicable as employee and/or the position.
Responsibilities Perform 2-stroke Field Service activities according to the work plan.
Perform advanced troubleshooting on equipment families.
May act as system commissioning engineer and may lead the related commissioning activities.
May lead and manage assigned team and related activities during the work execution.
Interact with customers during the work execution (e.g. conducting introduction meeting).
Perform internal and external progress status of the assigned work.
Create the Service Work Reports.
Ensure that the work is executed according to Wärtsilä quality, health and environmental guidelines and customer site procedures.
Advice and promote available products and solutions to customers.

Location: Panama Pacifico, Panama
Requirements • General / Generales
o Communication skills / Competencia de Comunicación
o Cost awareness & effectiveness / Efectividad y Conciencia de Costo
o Cultural knowledge/ Conocimiento Cultural
o Negotiation skills/ Habilidades de Negociación
o Teamwork skills / Competencia de trabajo en equipo
o Wartsila quality, safety & environmental skills / Competencias de Calidad, Seguridad y Ambiente
• Professional / Profesionales
o Contractual skill / Competencia en Contratos
o Customer understanding / Entendimiento al cliente
o Deliver solutions to customer / Entrega de soluciones al cliente
o Installation operation, maintenance and repair / Instalación, Mantenimiento y reparación de la operación
o Product knowledge / Conocimiento del producto
o System and solution knowledge / Conocimiento de Sistems y Soluciones
o Technical communication / Conocimiento del producto
o Technical problem solving skill / Habilidades técnicas de solución de problemas.
• Management & Leadership / Administración y Liderazgo
o Project Management / Manejo de Proyectos
• Mechanical engineering background (Studies or experience)
• English Skills
10 years experience as 2-stroke engineer
Country Panama
Job area Service Delivery