CM Coordinator

Application deadline 2018-01-21
Position description Accountabilities:

Plan, manage and carry out the daily Contract Management Assistant duties related to documents and records, contracts cost planning and review, petty cash management, attendance and overtime. In addition, the candidate will be responsible for initiating and keeping confidential letters and presentation for the Dept.

Main Responsibilities:
1. Performs a variety of professional activities supporting own local organisation
2. Ensures the completeness of the defined routines, transactions and other daily work of own area
3. Supports experts in assigned tasks
4. Executes all needed actions for local implementation of Wärtsilä's processes/products/services according to Wartsila business targets within the area of responsibility
5. Assists senior professionals to coordinate and administer a variety of programmes and activities
6. Manage and control Department documentation and records
7. Review and analyze cost of Contracts on monthly basis (consumables, overtime, manpower, etc.)
8. Participate in cost planning for each contract and overall department cost
9. Manage contracts petty cash

Requirements General Skills:

1. Communications skills
2. Planning, KPI and Target Setting
3. Cost awareness & effectiveness
4. Teamwork skills
5. Wärtsilä quality, safety, environment skills
6. Achieving results
7. Making change happen
8. Decisiveness and action orientation
9. Planning and target setting
10. Developing self and others
11. Situational and cultural sensitivity
12. Business and Customer focus

Professional Skills:

1. Basic Finance Knowledge
2. Negotiation Skills
3. Business writing
4. Business presentation
5. Document Management and Control
6. Cost/revenue planning BS in Business Admin. or Finance One year related work experience is sufficient
Country Saudi Arabia
Job area Contract Delivery