Superintendent In-situ Machining - Vancouver

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Application deadline 2018-05-31
Position description - Perform In-situ machining work on Wartsila and other products
- Perform Machining work in workshop environment.
- Participate with improvement of In-situ machining products
- Promote Wartsila Products and Services.
- Prepare Service reports and travel expensive on time and with expected Wartsila quality
- Perform engine and crankshaft inspections
- Identify failures, making adjustments, assist on trial runs and testing of Mechanical installations according to instructions.
- Provide internal and external work reports according to Wartsila standards.
- Perform site audits.
- Collect and organize time and expense reports. Reporting and informing administrative personnel as required.
- Independently execute engine repair by In-situ machining.
- Participate in working groups and build team spirit.
- Report executed work according to Wartsila standards.
- Safely execute all work according to Wartsila standards.
- Perform assist in the remanufacturing work shop as required.

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Requirements - In-situ Machining using crankshaft machining tools
- Line-boring using boring bars
- Use of laser and optical alignment equipment
- Use of mechanical measuring equipment
- Tool calibration and verification
- Degree as Mechatronic engineer or BSc in electrical engineering, marine automation or
- Degree as Marine engineer
- Certificate in Machining
- 5 years in 2 Stroke in-situ repair and Maintenance
- 2 years in 4 stroke in-situ repair and Maintenance
Contact person to give further information Greg Labounty Operations Manager - QuantiServ
Country Canada
Job area Service Delivery