Electrical Technician

Application deadline 2017-11-30
Position description - Maintain and operate the plant during the shift
according to company policies, procedures and operation profile/plan.
- Identify and locate all existing sensors and transmitters
of engines and auxiliary equipment as well as test and substitute them if necessary.
- Carry out inspections of all electrical equipment and
take corrective actions when needed.
- Comply with all safety regulations (including isolation,
lock out and tag out) and perform emergency procedures in order to protect personnel and equipment in case of damage or failure of safety devices.
- Ensure that the working area, machines, auxiliary equipment and tools are kept in good and clean condition.
- Identify and correct abnormalities of the engine
excitation systems as well as the test the protection and supervision equipment of the systems.
- Create work reports according to guidelines.
Requirements Good Communication skills
Cost awareness & effectiveness
Teamwork skills
Electrical systems
Engine control systems
Measurement equipment, mechanical/electrical
Technical drawings and flow charts
Auxiliary system knowledge Preferably Electrical Engineering graduate At least 2 years experience in the operation and maintenance of power plant
Country Philippines
Job area Contract Delivery