Workshop Foreman

Application deadline 2017-12-20
Position description Manage assigned activities locally according to the business strategy within assigned responsibility area.
Lead and coach personnel within own team / organization.
Follow the action plan for relevant organization and implement assigned actions.
Ensure the development of the personnel within assigned team / organization.
Ensure the implementation of the processes and tools according to business as well as Quality, Safety and
Environmental guidelines.
Cooperate and interact with relevant internal stakeholders.
Coordinate people when assigned on a work order.
Develop business for Service Delivery in general.
Proactively work to enable cross-organizational cooperation.
Ensure that the business objectives and targets are met.
Monitor and report business performance in assigned team / organization.
Ensure that the team / organization continuously seek for solutions in assigned area according to best practices in
To comply with the management system accordingly to what has been implemented locally for her/his position
Perform all activities needed to reach the objectives of the position and comply with the orders, instructions, values
and company policies applicable as employee and/or the position.
Requirements • General / Generales
o Communication skills / Competencia de Comunicación
o Cost awareness & effectiveness / Efectividad y Conciencia de Costo
o Cultural knowledge/ Conocimiento Cultural
o Financial knowledge / Conocimiento Financiero
o Local legislation & labor laws / Legislación local y legislación laboral
o Negotiation skills / Habilidades de Negociación
o Teamwork skills / Competencia de trabajo en equipo
o Reporting & analysing skills / Habilidades de Reporte y Analisis
o Wartsila quality, safety & environmental skills / Competencias de Calidad, Seguridad y Ambiente
• Professional / Profesionales
o Contractual skill / Competencia en Contratos
o Customer understanding / Entendimiento al cliente
o Deliver solutions to customer / Entrega de soluciones al cliente
o Product knowledge / Conocimiento del Producto
o System and solution knowledge / Conocimiento de sistemas y soluciones
o Technical communication / Comunicación técnica
• Management & Leadership / Administración y Liderazgo
o Strategic planning and target setting / Planificación estratégica y fijación de objetivos
o Change management / Manejo del cambio
o Team building / Unificación del equipo
o Communication / Comunicación
o Management skills / Competencia Gerencial
o Problem solving and decision making / Toma de decisions y solución de problemas
- Studies or experience in Mechanical Engineering
- Management Skills
- Leadership Skills
- English Skills 5 years Wärtsilä experience
Country Dominican Republic
Job area Engineering