Mechanical Engineer (Hydro)

Please note that this position does not offer an International Services Agreement. It is a local contract only. No immigration assistance; you must have Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Landed Immigrant Status to be able to work in Canada.
Application deadline 2017-12-31
Position description Designs and modifies equipment and processes as well as recommend substitutions in materials to improve productivity and meet customer requirements, and assess the feasibility of proposed engineering tests, products or equipment.
•Plans, schedules & coordinates phases of engineering assignments
•Prepares production cost estimates, consults with suppliers, contractors and clients to interpret specifications or other contract criteria, and monitor projects in progress.
•Develops specifications for products use and develop both technical and commercial proposals and solutions for clients as required.
•Serves as a prime resource to customers after the sale or where operational solutions are required, and provides technical assistance and training in area of expertise.
•Carries out responsible and varied engineering assignments requiring a general familiarity with a broad field of engineering and knowledge of reciprocal effects of the work upon other fields.
•Problems usually solved by use of a combination of standard procedures, modifications of standard procedures, or methods developed in previous assignments. Participates in planning to achieve prescribed targets. Ensure internal and external customer satisfaction with job performance & through positive interactions.
•Conform with & abide by all regulations, policies, work procedures & instructions.
•Conform to all safety rules & use of all appropriate safety equipment.
•The job requires improving or reviewing procedures, programs, methods, techniques, products or services. These improvements could have an impact on the work of several people.
•The incumbent makes independent studies, analyses, interpretations and conclusions. Difficult, complex or unusual matters are usually referred to a more senior authority, work is not generally supervised in detail and amount of supervision varies depending upon assignment. Usually technical/guidance is available to review work programs and to advise on unusual features of assignments.
Requirements •The incumbent is required to choose and utilize known, yet unspecified concepts and principles to address work-related problems and situations.
•Develops engineering deliverables for multiple orders of standard products, as well as custom engineered solutions to customer Statement of work or Statement of Requirements. •Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from a Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board accredited institution or equivalent.
•Certification as a Professional Engineering Designation (P.Eng.). •5 to 10 years as a mechanical engineer (design, reliability, overall)
•Hydraulic Turbines
•Mechanical equipment like turbines and large custom pumps.
Contact person to give further information Jean-Philippe Hunter
Country Canada
Job area Engineering