Application deadline 2018-02-28
Position description Major Responsibilities:

To manage the customer interface in such a manner that continually demonstrates the effectiveness of the Wartsila O & M Agreement.
Building a long-term relationship with the customer and fully understanding their organizational and operational requirements.
To manage the available resources, both internally and externally, in a manner that meets or exceeds the specific requirements of the O & M Agreement.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. To analyze power plant equipments condition and operational data and submit report along with recommendations on a monthly basis in respect of the Covered Equipment.
2. To prepare and submit the maintenance planning report for all scheduled maintenance for the covered equipment. Each maintenance planning report to include an overview of the coming twelve (12) months scheduled maintenance.
3. To provide planning for the transportation of exchange parts to and from a Wärtsilä workshop outside or inside the Country for overhauling.
4. To Ensure timely submission of reports on the performed overhaul of exchange parts including keeping track of running hour data for each exchange part or set of parts.
5. To draft a maintenance budget in conjunction with contract manager for the scheduled maintenance for the covered equipments for each Year of the term of the Agreement, covering estimated cost for spare parts and service manpower costs, as required to maintain the covered equipments for the Year
6. To provide technical support to customer / operator for solving operation and maintenance problems.
7. Planning of spare parts by considering lead times & co-ordinate within different Wärtsilä entities, for ordering of spare parts. Optimize inventory.
8. To communicate effectively with customer representative in relation to the condition of the plant equipment and performance and to provide suggestions for improvements.
9. Assist power plant operator in establishing and implement standard operation / maintenance policies and procedures.
10. To identify and recommend measures for improving maintenance reliability, availability & to maximize equipment life, and to provide detailed feedback to the contract Manager
11. Assist customer in preparing annual plant operating plan and annual maintenance plan in conjunction with contract Manager.
12. Maintain/Track Power Plant statistical performance, production, root cause analysis and make suggestions/recommendations to contract manager.
13. Leading safety aspect of power plant as well as operative excellence.

Location: Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico; Monterrey, Mexico
Requirements 1. Strong analytical skills
2. Ability to work independently, self-directing;
3. Excellent skills in communication, negotiation and reporting
4. Ability to organize and implement plans, policies and procedures and standards
5. Ability to use all resources – material and human – to effectively carry out assigned tasks
6. Custom Management Skills
7. Communication in English with second language
8. Ability to deal with people of different nationality.
9. Field Service process knowledge
10. Contract management skills

A graduate university degree / Diploma in Mechanical/Electric Engineering. 1. Minimum 4 years previous experience of 50SG Gas power plant especially with Independent Power Producers (IPP’s) involving state utilities, is strongly desired.
2. Candidates must be contractually aware and able to deal with day-to-day contractual correspondence with the client and sub-contractors as issues arise.
3. Ability to organize and implement plans, policies and procedures and standards
4. Ability to use all resources – material and human – to effectively carry out assigned tasks
5. Hand’s on experience with Wärtsilä 50SG engines is must.
Country Mexico
Job area Contract Delivery