Shift Engineer

Wartsila Pakistan Pvt. ltd is looking for Shift Engineer for its IPP (Attock Gen Ltd) located at Rawalpindi-AGL.
Application deadline 2017-09-28
Position description Shift Engineer
Responsibilities Operate and maintain the plant during the shift according to company policies and procedures.
To operate the plant within the acceptable loading envelope.
Work in conjunction with maintenance team for ascertaining condition of equipments, required maintenance activities and scheduled overhauls.
Assist in Start-up, shut-down and normal operations of the power plant systems.
Complete and maintain all logs and running records in a clear and concise manner according to guidelines.
Take corrective action during system operational disturbance and/or bring such disturbances to the attention of superior.
Utilize all tools, equipment and accessories in such a manner so as to maximize useful operating life.
Assist in the safe and efficient operation of the plant by bringing violations of subordinates to the attention of the Superior.
Provide the relieving Shift Engineer with a complete handover, bringing to his attention any operational disturbances, malfunctions and abnormalities.
Maintain/Track Power Plant statistical performance, production, root cause analysis and make suggestions/recommendations to the Superior.
To ensure/achieve maximum production by planning scheduled stoppages.
Responsible for implementation of plant safety & environment policy.
Requirements Communication Skill
Customer relations
Decision Making
Negotiation Skills
Co-operative Skills
Organizing Skills
Qualification: B.E Mechanical/MOT class 2 or Equivalent
Experience: 5-6 years of operation on large HFO based Power Plant
Contact person to give further information
Zafar Memon
Manager Operations
Country Pakistan
Job area Contract Delivery