Local Project Administration Assistant

Application deadline 2017-09-27
Position description 1.- Taking care of the handling and processing of visas of all the personnel who come to Colombia for the project, making the PIP -6 letter & keeping update the issue of migration of all the foreigner.
2.- Taking care of the flights, hotels reservation, transfer and all the logistic details required for their activities in Yopal.
3.- To contact new supply which offer all the tool and item needed for the project.
4.- Purchasing all the basis element needed to start and operate , such as computers.
5.- Coordinate the transportation of all the tool and element , which are purchased in Bogota and have to be sent to Yopal.
6.- To plan the resting time according to the work schedule of the engineers, in such way that engineers may travel for holidays meanwhile another group is at site. Is important to have all the date of flights and departure schedule.
7.- To coordinate with our accounting area the payment to all the suppliers and confirm that those expenses are charger to the right order (It is advisable to have a file with all the expenditure, invoiced and payment done, about the project)
8.- To handle a petty cash to pay all the expenses and make the purchases required.
9.- Opening and manage all cell phone lines required for the project , with voice and data plans required.
10.- Responsible by customer invoicing, payment follow up to subcontrators, local cost allocations and tax relations issue.
11.- To fulfill all processes, policies, guideline and legal requirement as part of the integrated management system in WCO
11.- to fulfill
Requirements - Communications
- Business and customer focus
- Sence of urgency
- Reporting
- Time Administration

Professional skills:
- Cost awareness & effectiveness
- Teamwork skills
- Workplace ICT Equipment & applications
- English (Fluent)
- Handling in SAP or another ERP
- Knowledge about accounting, purchasing, logistic and migratory topic.

Technologist degree, administrative, accounting or similar position At least two year of labor experience in purchasing, accounting, logistic, administrative and migratory task.
Country Colombia
Job area General Management & Administration