Manager, Hybrid

Engines Sales department of Wärtsilä Marine Solutions division is looking for a Manager, Hybrid.
This position reports to General Manager, Hybrid and can be located in Trieste, Italy or Vaasa, Finland.
Application deadline 2017-11-30
Position description Marine Solution is expanding its offering in the marine propulsion solutions, integrating different product lines offering in a combined, unique product targeting hybrid applications.
• Define and implement sales strategy for the combined Business Line Engines and Business Line Electrical & Automation offering
• Ensure value proposition for global marine market segments and single specific project in order to ensure hybrid offering market acceptance
• Lead hybrid sales projects featuring integrated Business line Engines and Business Line Electrical & Automation offering
• Represent the contact reference person for worldwide Sales organization
• Ensure Sales documentation and pricing tuned accordingly to hybrid offering
• Lead the “HY” product line specification

Responsibilities Main responsibilities:
- Develop, report and assume accountability for sales and sold margin budget among assigned customer accounts.
- Maintain and further develop present assigned customer relationships.
- Identify and develop relationships with potential customers.
- Create Account plans for major customers, execute the plan and update changes throughout the year.
- Develop and maintain Customer Satisfaction.
- Collect and communicate market intelligence and competitor information.
- Propose customer specific sales target based on market outlook, identified opportunities and strategy.
- Create, maintain and manage all customer visit reports and opportunities in CRM.
- Maintain accurate customer records among assigned customer accounts.
- Cooperate and coordinate sales activities for global or cross country operating customers with responsible colleagues.
- Ensure that customer inquiries, orders and complaints are responded to in a prompt and satisfactory manner.

Requirements • Very good understanding or market requirements
• High customer focus
• Good understanding of marine propulsion principles
• Good understanding of engine technology and offering
• Good understanding of E&A technology and offering
• Sales Financial understanding
• Focused on materializing short-term results maintaining the long-term vision
• Good negotiation skills
• Situational and cultural sensitivity skills
• Communication skills
• Cost awareness & effectivenes • Language English
• Relevant academic background in Marine Engineering or Marine Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Automation Engineering
• 5+ years of experience in the marine market environment
Contact person to give further information For further information please contact:

Giulio Tirelli, Director, Marine Engineering

Stefano Furlan, General Manager Hybrid

Country Finland
Job area Sales & Marketing