Mechanical Technician

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Wärtsilä Eastern Africa - Kipevu III Power Plant (Mombasa) is looking for a Mechanical Technician with the following duties and responsibilities, skills and qualifications;
1. You will be responsible for Mechanical maintenance of the Plant.
2. You are expected to be able to troubleshoot mechanical defiance on various equipment and machinery.
3. In your role, you are to comply with all safety regulations including isolation, lock out and tag out.
4. You will be responsible for maintaining the machines and auxiliary equipment in good clean conditions.
5. In your role you are to work closely with the mechanical supervisor.
Application deadline 2017-07-31
Position description - Be able to carry out minor repair, preventive and corrective maintenance to mechanical plant equipment and auxiliaries.
- Responsible for reporting operational disturbance and/or taking corrective action when directed to do so.
- Effectively communicate the condition of plant equipment and performance to the mechanical supervisor & concerned plant personnel.
- Perform emergency procedures in order to protect personnel and equipment in case of damage or failure of safety deficiencies.
- Be able to read pressure and temperature indicators such as manometers, thermometers, digital panels and to measure with their specific measuring equipment.
- Maintaining the plant in clean and safe conditions at all times.
- Utilize all tools in such a manner so as to maximize their useful operating life.
- Account for all parts and materials and supplies used in the performance of work.
- Perform any other duties assigned from time to time by the supervisor
Requirements Desired Skills:
- Communication skills
- Cooperative skills
- Cost effectiveness
- Self Management
- Teamwork skills
- Quality, safety, environment skills
- Utilize IM applications and IM tools

€- BSc Degree in Mechanical Engineering
- Technical training

- One and a half ( 1 1/2) years’ experience in operation and/or maintenance of Power Plant
Contact person to give further information Athanas Mpuya
Maintenance Manager
Tel No: +254207602448

Salome Ngeene
HR Officer
Tel No: +254207602443
Country Kenya
Job area Contract Delivery