Desk Engineer-Operation

Application deadline 2017-06-30
Position description Designation: DCS Engineer
Location: ACL, Rawan
Responsibilities To monitor and take corrective actions on DCS / Field during any abnormalities in the shift with the objective of
ensuring smooth
running of power plant.
Ensuring the proper functioning of all equipment’s, attending to the problems encountered and developing solutions
to counter
them, within the guidelines of Wartsila policies with the objective of ensuring smooth running of power plant and
Customer expectations
a) Continuous monitoring of parameters in DCS and taking immediate corrective
actions in case of any deviation observed.
b) To do regular walkby
inspections and log Shift / Daily / weekly Operation
c) Ensure implementation of safe operating practices of various equipment’s like,
boiler, turbine, Ash Handling, coal handling plant, cooling tower, feed water
pumps, DM plants, etc.
d) To analyse all operation data with respective standards and log all deviations
and report to Shift In charge.
e) Follow instructions of Chief Chemist.
f) Following instructions from Shift In charge.
g) To prepare all required shift reports.
h) To follow SOPs for all equipment / process operations.
i) To follow up with Maintenance department on status of PM / RM completion.
j) To focus on Aux. Power consumption.
k) To understand and able to perform all emergency operations.
l) Implementation of prudent safe practices while issuing permits
Requirements Desired Skills:
Interaction a) Internal: Continuous interaction with Shift Incharge, HOD Operation,
Authority & Functional Competencies
Plant Manager, Other Department heads and Executives, Boiler Operators, Chief
Chemist & Chemist, Other Shift engineers.
Skill & Competence Requirement a) Communication skills
b) Interpersonal skills
c) Data interpretation & analysis
d) Report preparation & Presentation skills
e) Operation trouble shooting
f) First aid & Fire fighting 4 Characteristic and Talents: a) Leadership qualities
b) General Management capabilities
c) Handling customers
d) Delegation of work
e) Problem solving
) Goal focus
g) Openness and Flexibility
5 Technical / Functional Competencies: a) Good knowledge about:
i) Basic Operation of Turbine through DCS
ii) Basic Operation of Boiler through DCS
iii) Basic Operation of Auxiliary equipments through DCS / PLC
iv) Field instruments such as control valves, flow meters, Pressure, Level,
Temperature, conductivity, consistency, Bently Nevada vibration monitoring,
Oxygen analyzer, CO analyzer, I/P Converters.
b) Basic Knowledge of ISO 9001 2000
quality systems and OHSAS 18001 Graduate Engineer in Mechanical, NPTI and Specialisation in thermal power plants. 2-3 years experience in thermal power plant operation.
Country India
Job area Contract Delivery