Senior Account & Business Development Manager - Vancouver

Please note that this position is a local contract only.
Application deadline 2017-07-19
Position description Main Responsibilities:
1. Sales Ownership: The successful candidate will take Ownership of Wartsila existing accounts and business development objectives including but not limited to planning, marketing, uncovering needs and creating value for clients, developing proposals, etc. The success and growth of product/service sales in Western Canada are the candidate's primary responsibility and concern.
2. WCA Solutions Promotion: Guiding and mentoring others in the WCA team within Canada to:
a. Use a consulting-based approach to uncover customer needs and opportunities
b. Develop, Engage and Execute the SUCAN Business Development and Sales plan regarding products and services.
c. Review sales targets, new products, resource concerns, etc. at regular intervals and ensure we meet our objectives.
d. Developing Opportunities:
i. Proactively
a) The winning candidate will take the initiative to develop opportunities for upgrades based on obsolete Wartsila or competitor's products. Provide a leading role in developing the opportunity, contacting the customer to identify needs and interests, prepare with research prior to customer visits, preparing the proposal, etc.
b) Identify & propose new products & services based upon customer requirements
ii. Reactively - as per above, but addressing major quote requests that come to Wartsila from customers

e. CRM :
i. Document all of your efforts, progress, customer visits, etc. in CRM in Visit Reports and be prepared with a summary for review with the GM Sales.
ii. Document Service opportunities through Soft Bookings, following all required procedures.

Requirements Ability to communicate
Computer skills
Time Management
Problem solving
Financial accruement
Strong ability to organize & prioritize

Professional Skills:
Negotiating skills
Strategic Planning
Building customer relationships
Computer literacy
Knowledge of:
Wärtsilä products & services
Knowledge of sales techniques
Marketing knowledge
Information Management: MS Office, Word, Power Point, Excel

Management & Leadership Competencies:
Ambition to excell
Professional Sales and Busienss Development expertise
Team leadership
Managing by objectives
Self confidence & Initiative
Building relationships
University Degree in Engineering, Sciences, Commerce or other related field 10+ years Sales and Business Development experience in Marine Services, Industrial Services or a similar field, dealing with $ multi-million opportunities.
Contact person to give further information Carl Dunaway - General Manager Service Sales - Canada
Country Canada
Job area Sales & Marketing