Workshop foreman

Application deadline 2017-07-01
Position description  Manage assigned activities locally according to the business strategy within assigned responsibility area.
 Lead and coach personnel within own team / organization.
 Create the action plan for relevant organization and implement assigned actions.
 Ensure the development of the personnel within assigned team / organization.
 Ensure the implementation of the processes and tools according to business as well as Quality, Safety and Environmental guidelines.
 Cooperate and interact with relevant internal stakeholders.
 Coordinate people when not assigned on a work order.
 Develop business for Service Delivery in general.
 Proactively work to enable cross-organizational cooperation.
 Ensure that the business objectives and targets are met.
 Monitor and report business performance in assigned team / organization.
 Ensure that the team / organization continuously seek for solutions in assigned area according to best practices in Wartsila.
 To comply with the management system accordingly to what has been implemented locally for her/his position
 Perform all activities needed to reach the objectives of the position and comply with the orders, instructions, values and company policies applicable as employee and/or the position.
Requirements • General / Generales
o Communication skills / Competencia de Comunicación
o Cost awareness & effectiveness / Efectividad y Conciencia de Costo
o Cultural knowledge/ Conocimiento Cultural
o Financial knowledge / Conocimiento Financiero
o Local legislation & labor laws / Legislación local y legislación laboral
o Negotiation skills / Habilidades de Negociación
o Teamwork skills / Competencia de trabajo en equipo
o Reporting & analysing skills / Habilidades de Reporte y Analisis
o Wartsila quality, safety & environmental skills / Competencias de Calidad, Seguridad y Ambiente
• Professional / Profesionales
o Contractual skill / Competencia en Contratos
o Customer understanding / Entendimiento al cliente
o Deliver solutions to customer / Entrega de soluciones al cliente
o Product knowledge / Conocimiento del Producto
o System and solution knowledge / Conocimiento de sistemas y soluciones
o Technical communication / Comunicación técnica
• Management & Leadership / Administración y Liderazgo
o Strategic planning and target setting / Planificación estratégica y fijación de objetivos
o Change management / Manejo del cambio
o Team building / Unificación del equipo
o Communication / Comunicación
o Management skills / Competencia Gerencial
o Problem solving and decision making / Toma de decisions y solución de problemas
o Project Management/ Manejo de Proyectos
- Studies or experience in Mechanical Engineering
- Project Management Skills
- Leadership Skills
- English Skills
10 years Wartsila maintenance experience
Country Dominican Republic
Job area Service Delivery