Shift Leader Operator

Application deadline 2016-10-26
Position description Main responsibilities:
-Operate and maintain the plant during the shift according to company policies and procedures during the
designated shift.
-Coordinate operation activities at the plant and/or assigned team during the shift.
-Perform planned and corrective maintenance as directed and as needed and to account for all parts
and materials, supplies and fluids used in the performance of that work.
-Ensure that the performance targets of the plant are reached according to the contract in own
responsibility area.
-Train maintenance procedures and standards for the new workers.
-Ensure that the work is executed at plant according to Wärtsilä Quality, Health, Safety and
Environmental guidelines and customer site procedures.
-Prioritize and assign tasks so that assigned team resources are used effectively and targets are met.
-Communicate with the grid control center and plant management about the loading of the plant.
-To Complete and maintain specific logs and running records and technical reports as designated by
supervisor in a clear and concise manner according to guidelines.
-Maintain the workshop and engine room in a clean and safe condition at all times.
-Develop the operation working routines at the plant.
-To fulfill with all Environmental and OH&S internal rules.
-To fulfill with the legal requirements for WCO
Requirements -Achieving results
-Making change happen
-Decisiveness and action orientation
-Planning and target setting
-Developing self and others
-Situational and cultural sensitivity
-Business and Customer focus
General skills:
Communication skills
Cost awareness & effectiveness
Teamwork skills
Workplace ICT equipment & applications
Wärtsilä quality, safety & environmental. Skills
Professional skills
Prof/Auxiliary Systems
Charge air system
Compressed air systems
Cooling water systems
Emission reduction systems
Exhaust gas systems
Fuel system
Gas fuel systems
Injection support systems
Lubricating oil systems
Sludge reduction systems
Steam systems
Prof/Engine and technical skills
Electrical knowledge
Engine Control System knowl.
Engine knowledge, MS
Operator´s station knowledge
Parameter trending & analysis
Plant cond. & efficiency monitoring
Scheduled maintenance, MS
Technical drawings and flow charts
Trouble shooting of electrical equipment
Troubleshooting, mechanical.
Fuel & lube oil management
Operation management
Power Dispatch Management
Bachelor degree in Mechanical or Electrical or Electronic or Electromechanical Engineer. Minimum 3 years of labor experience in operation and/or maintenance of equipped.
Good demonstrable mechanical, electrical and electronic ability.
Ability to carry out assigned tasks as directed.
Ability for the fault analytic detection.
Ability to maintain accurate records as directed.
Ability to work under pressure
Able to work by rotating shifts
Country Colombia
Job area Contract Delivery