Plant Operator

Wärtsilä West Africa is recruiting five (5) Plant operator for 180 MW HFO DG Plant in Nouakchott -Mauritania "Services Contract Management has the execution responsibility for three contract types: Operation & Maintenance (O&M) agreements, Maintenance agreements and Technical Management agreements.
Globally the business covers over 500 installations both on land and sea and is one of the strategic growth areas within the Services Division".
Application deadline 2016-10-20
Position description Main Responsibilities:
- Operate and maintain the plant during the shift according to company policies, procedures and operation profile/plan.
- Follow all procedures and instructions related to start-up, shut-down and normal operations of the power plant systems.
- Maintain all operation records (including logs, check lists and running records) according to guidelines.
- Assist in taking corrective action during system operational disturbance.
- Communicate effectively the condition of all plant equipments, any deviation/ disturbance from the normal conditions and other performances to shift supervisor in charge and colleagues.
- Watch over of all alarms / parameters of engines and auxiliaries, monitor and analyse the trend data related to the equipments at all time and perform proper follow up.
- Comply with all safety regulations (including isolation, lock out and tag out) and perform emergency procedures in order to protect personnel and equipment in case of damage or failure of safety devices.
- Utilise all the tools, equipments and accessories in such a manner that the operating life is maximized.
- Provide for the relieving shift operator a complete handover, bringing to his/her attention any operational disturbance, malfunctions or abnormalities.
Requirements General Skills:
Communication Skills
Cost awareness & effectiveness
Teamwork skills
Wärtsilä Quality, safety, environment skills
Workplace ICT equipment & application skills

Professional Skills: Basic knowledge on:
Charge air system
Compressed air systems
Cooling water systems
Emission reduction systems
Exhaust gas system
Fuel System
Gas fuel systems
Injection support systems
Lubricating oil systems
Sludge reduction systems (Effluent handling system)
Steam systems
Engine knowledge, medium speed
Electrical knowledge
Operator’s station knowledge
Trouble shooting, mechanical
Technical drawings and flow charts

Graduate of 2 year Technical Course i.e. Automotive Technology, Power Plant Technology, Marine Engineering Technology or related field

Minimum of five (5) years hands-on experience as a plant operator or equivalent in a reputable power plant or marine installation
Country West Africa
Job area Contract Delivery