Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. We aim to become the global champion in serving our customers.

Valmet's strong technology offering includes pulp mills, tissue, board and paper production lines, as well as power plants for bioenergy production. Our advanced services and automation solutions improve the reliability and performance of our customers' processes and enhance the effective utilization of raw materials and energy.

Valmet's net sales in 2017 were approximately EUR 3.2 billion. Our more than 12,000 professionals around the world work close to our customers and are committed to moving our customers' performance forward - every day. Valmet's head office is in Espoo, Finland and its shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki.

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Project Manager

Business line: Paper
Country: China
Location: Jiading,Shanghai
Job description: Main responsibilities:

 Overall project leadership and main contact window to the customer.
 Reports project progress to the management and to the MC project manager.
 Manages and supervises customer project execution in such a way that the customer receives a functioning process entity that conforms to the contract and given schedule.
 Operates as local contact of SHA delivery project to organize engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, shipping and warranty from project open to warranty close.
 Supervises all related departments progress and reports it regularly to Management and MC Project Managers.
 Lead to establish project budget based on TP and ASD, confirm to related cost functions and finance.
 Clarify internal product delivery scope and create MOD when needed, fulfillment of delivery on quality and on time.
 Monitor and control actual costs and estimates regularly, analysis and audit reasons for deviations and initiates corrective actions, with certain level cost saving.
 Scope change and risk being well managed, and decisions made in due time at higher quality with necessary support.
 In according with the site feedback, coordinate and arrange the after-service immediately.
 Based on assignments, support or acting as China local area project manager to ensure area project targets.
 Complete other tasks assigned by manager. Understands and strictly follows Company’s Rules, Regulations, Policies, Instructions and Procedure to avoid unnecessary conflicts and to reach expected behavior and job performance.
 Engage in technology transfer project or product development project.

Main tasks:

 Ensure to follow internal working process.
 Set up a project team and have all relate parts informed and updated.
 Budget split with certain level saving and release via workflow management. (>=5Million / as needed)
 Follow and maintain of project master schedule and progress reports for internal organization.
 Coordinate closely with all related parties managing for on time delivery, have MC PM informed properly and obtain agreement in case of delay of goods.
 Chair project weekly Pulse meeting, write and distribute meeting minutes for all related parts in 2 days after the meeting.
 Write and distribute visit report in 3 working days after visit.
 Manage deviation process via workflow management.
 Timely check cost report in BAAN & Proffa, manage the cost during whole project implementation.
 Project estimate cost monthly update and report, deviation audit and approval.
 Approval project order related expense.
 Cooperate with finance to decide and notice the project account freezing / close out officially, in according with delivery and start up status.
 Run project close meeting, write and distribute closing report with lessons learnt analysis in due time, and transmit actual cost info. to pricing team.
 Update monthly with DCD monthly report (PM part).
 Update monthly with OTD (External & Internal) for KPI.
 Update monthly with data quality for claim.
 Manage and archive all important documents to project folder.
 Project POC ratio regularly check.
Requirements: Work experience:

 Working experience as project management in industrial products and manufacturing field.
 Working experience in international company.
 With holistic view to follow company's strategic orientation & target.
 The ability of independent and individualistic task solving.
 Basic commercial & finance knowledge, such as shipping term, budget forecast and cost control.


 Bachelor degree in project management, mechanical and / or paper & pulp process related.
 Have awareness of ISO14001 & OHSAS18001
 PMP certificate is preferred.
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