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Research assistant (Summer trainees to all Physics groups)

The main research areas of the Laboratory of Physics are Aerosol Physics and Computational Physics. The research is related to a wide range of fields, including environmental sciences, material physics, biophysics, and numerical algorithms. The Laboratory’s objective is to balance basic and industrially applicable research, and both are now performed with excellence in each of the research areas. The Unit is also strongly associated with the research and teaching at the Laboratory of Photonics.

Job description:

The Laboratory of Physics offers 5-10 summer training positions in the Aerosol Physics and Computational research areas. Summer trainees will work in the research groups in many different assisting task.


We have a background in developing various measuring techniques. Currently, our research extends to fields such as aerosol instrumentation, combustion aerosols, atmospheric aerosols, nanoparticle synthesis, and nanostructured coatings.


The Computational Physics Unit is a collaboration of computational groups within the Laboratory of Physics. It focuses on using and developing computational methods for studying physical processes. We apply a wide variety of computational techniques, from first principles quantum mechanical approaches for nanoscale systems, to massively scaling atomistic and phenomenological models for meso- and macro-scale problems. Please also specify which research group you would prefer: - Biological Physics & Soft Matter

  • Electronic Structure Theory
  • Materials and Molecular Modeling
  • Quantum Control and Dynamics
  • Spectroscopies of Complex Materials

More information about the research at the Laboratory of Physics and the summer training can be found from: www.tut.fi/phys


We are looking for science and engineering students who can work in multinational research environment and have good social and group skills. We offer: We offer a top ringside to physics research and to research work in general. Many of our summer trainees have continued to work in the Laboratory of Physics towards diploma thesis and post graduate studies.

We offer:

We offer a top ringside to physics research and to research work in general. Many of our summer trainees have continued to work in the Laboratory of Physics towards diploma thesis and post graduate studies.


The salary will be based on both the job demand level and the employee's personal performance in accordance with the Finnish University Salary System. According to the criteria applied to teaching and research staff, the position of the Research Assistant is placed on the job demand level 1. In addition, employees will receive performance based salary, which for Research Assistants is based on their study credits.

Trial period:

Trial period of 1 month applies.


The positions will be filled for a fixed-term (3 months) period commencing on 1 July 2018, or as mutually agreed. You can apply for the positions using the Artist recruitment system. With one application, you can apply for several positions. Please specify the order of priority. Positions with the first priority will be filled February. Those not selected will automatically participate to second selection phase according to the 2nd priority.

For more information, please contact:

Aerosol Physics

Professor Jorma Keskinen (jorma.keskinen@tut.fi)

Computational Physics

Professor Esa Räsänen (esa.rasanen@tut.fi)

About the recruitment process

Development manager Ari Laitinen (ari.laitinen@tut.fi)

How to apply:

Applications must be submitted by TUT online application form. Closing date for applications is 19.2.2018 (10pm GMT). Applications and attachments must be written in English or Finnish. Applications must be enclosed with CV, letter of motivation, and transcript of studies in pdf format.

Indicate in the application form your priority of research area Aerosol or Computational).

If you apply to Computational physics also indicate your priority of research groups.

Additional information on attachments to applications.