Tampere University of Technology, University of Tampere, and Tampere University of Applied Sciences have joined forces in order to develop a new kind of mode of operation in the Finnish higher education. A new higher education institution will start its operations on 1 January 2019. The new university will provide a unique hub for the interdisciplinary research on the economy, technology, health and society.

At Tampere3, we have a unique way of doing things because we creatively and progressively combine high-quality multidisciplinary research with solid practices. By shaping and shaking up existing practices, we are tackling the problems facing humankind. We are larger than the sum of our parts. We bring together ideas and people, uniting science and wider society. Welcome to join us at Tampere3!

Project Coordinator

As a Project Coordinator you will be working in our new project "Hidden Gems". We are constantly looking for new openings and ways to help our international talents to integrate to the community and their new surroundings. With Hidden Gems project, our goal is not only to focus on the international talents but also to expose the Hidden Gems and facilitate employment among the spouses and partners of our international researchers. The project promotes the growth and international activities of regional industry and business, especially SMEs, by enabling them to tap into the hidden expertise of the spouses. The idea is to create an entirely new model that enables SMEs to find prospective employees that meet their needs. The activation works both ways, so that SMEs know how to find prospective employees who, in turn, know how to productize their strengths and skills and offer their expertise to SMEs.

Hidden Gems

Job description:

Hidden Gems needs an experienced Project Coordinator who can manage a project from initiation to completion. Your job is to build collaboration networks, and participate in the development of regional service structures, so that the service piloted among the spouses could be applied later on to activate other international talents and support their employment and career development. Project Coordinator will also be responsible for schedules, planning meetings and events and reporting.

If you are organized, efficient, good at multi-tasking, an excellent communicator and drive to succeed, Project Coordinator's position may be just the right job for you.


We are looking for international talent, with can-do attitude and passion. That's why we appreciate experience of working abroad in international collaboration and within international working culture. The successful completion of tasks requires good organizational and co-operation skills.

Our ideal candidate is forward thinking and innovative people's person with solid drive for change. The applicant should be fluent in both written and verbal English. Our aim is to create a completely new kind of service model and therefore we prefer candidate's problem solving and decision-making skills. Knowledge and understanding of project coordination and scheduling, as well as the ability to multitask and prioritize in a fast-paced environment, are highly valued.

You should have a suitable higher education degree and preferably experience in project work. If you are looking for an opportunity to grow in a dynamic environment we look forward to your application.

We offer:

If we are meant for each other and you will join our International HR team, you will meet a team of energetic and enthusiastic people working together towards more global and international Tampere University. We do things differently and are more than happy to develope each others ideas into new practices. You will be part of our international community building a new and innovative university in the heart of Finland, Tampere.


The salary will be based on both the job demands and the employee's personal performance in accordance with the University Salary System. According to the criteria applied to other than teaching and research staff, the position of a Project Coordinator is placed on the job demands levels 7-8. In addition, employees receive performance based salary.

Trial period:

Trial period of 4 months applies.


The position will be filled for a fixed-term of two years preferably February 1st 2018 onwards or as agreed.

For more information, please contact:

Should you have any questions, our Project Manager Marika Peltoniemi is available for you: on January 9th at 10-11am and on January 15th at 13-14pm, phone number 050 447 9165. Alternatively, you can contact her via e-mail: marika.peltoniemi@tut.fi.

How to apply:

Please submit your application through TUT’s online application system. The closing date for applications is 21st January 2018.

All candidates will be contacted around two weeks after the closing date. Typically we use video interviews and interviews at TUT as a part of the recruitment process. Invitation to the video interview will be sent to the e-mail address which applicant has informed in his/her application.