Tampere University of Technology (TUT) invests in doctoral education. TUT’s doctoral programmes cover all disciplines represented at the University. The University is now seeking to fill several Doctoral Student positions in different branches of engineering and in the field of architecture.

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Doctoral/PhD Students for Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering (4 positions)

The Faculty of Biomedical Science and Engineering at TUT was formed in the beginning of 2017 by joining the research groups of TUT experienced in the areas of sensor technology and biomeasurements, biophysics, signal processing, health informatics, imaging, biomaterials, tissue engineering, single cell biology, computational and systems biology, and computational neuroscience. Currently we have 16 full and tenure professors and approximately 150 other staff. We provide education in bioengineering, electrical engineering and materials science degree programs via Majors and Minors of Biomedical Engineering, Bioimaging, Biomaterials, Biomeasurements, Computational Biology, Health Informatics, Intelligent Microsystems, Micro Mechatronics, and Tissue Engineering.

The Faculty is part of the BioMediTech Institute (www.biomeditech.fi), a joint research institute of TUT and University of Tampere. The BioMediTech Institute brings together researchers whose interests lie in medical sciences and technologies, biology, and behavioral sciences. BioMediTech offers a world-class research environment and support for innovation and commercialization of research results. This multidisciplinary environment provides a solid foundation for pursuing new discoveries and solutions that promote health and well-being.

During the last ten years, BioMediTech research groups have produced close to 1500 publications in international peer-reviewed journals. Starting from 2018, the Academy of Finland has granted BioMediTech members a Center of Excellence status in Body-on-Chip Research.

Job description: You can apply for a doctoral position in any of the three strategic themes of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering. Positions are divided equally between the theme areas and selection is based on the potential, motivation and competence of the applicants. We are open to your own ideas as well, that are supplementing each of the research themes.

1. Tissue engineering and cell technologies
• Biomaterials
• Biomicrosystems
• Biophysics
• Electrophysiology
• Computational biology
• Single cell technologies
• Technologies for tissue engineering

2. Biomeasurement technologies
• Biomedical imaging
• Biosensing technologies
• Biomicrosystems
• Biorobotics
• Biosensors
• Diagnostics
• Wearable and wireless technologies

3. Health informatics and systems biology for personalized medicine
• Computational systems biology
• Tools for genetic data analysis
• Data analytics and machine learning
• Personalized health and wellness solutions

For a complete list of research groups, with their leaders and interests, see:
Requirements: The call for two- to four years positions is open to applicants who fulfill following criteria:

• Candidates must be eligible for studies leading to a scientific or artistic doctoral degree as set forth in the Finnish Universities Act (558/2009 37§). The prior degree must be completed by 31 December 2017.
• Candidates must have demonstrated, during their studies towards the higher university degree or otherwise, the competence and motivation to pursue doctoral studies in the field and complete a doctorate.
• All the selected candidates will be enrolled to the doctoral programme of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering.

We offer: We are offering the successful candidates a fully funded two- or four-year Doctoral Student position. We offer you high-quality supervision with freedom and encouragement to develop your ideas in a supportive, inspiring environment. We are proud that with the extensive academic and departmental support, our students have an excellent track record of successful completion of their PhD degrees.
Salary: The salary will be based both on the job demands and the employee’s personal performance in accordance with the University Salary System. According to the criteria applied to teaching and research staff, the position of a Doctoral student is placed on the job demand levels 1-4. In addition, employees receive performance-based salary. The starting salary for doctoral students on the University's payroll is approximately € 2,300 per month.
Trial period: Trial period of four (4) months applies for all new employees. The doctoral degree study right has to be applied for and received within the trial period. Information on admission to the doctoral programme:
Other: The positions will be filled for a fixed-term period for two or four years from 1 January 2018 onwards or as soon afterwards as possible. During this time, Doctoral students will undertake full-time study towards a doctoral degree, including teaching duties in their own fields as part of their doctoral education. All Doctoral Students are integrated into different research groups in the faculty.
For more information, please contact: Faculty Manager Pirjo Kuhanen, email pirjo.kuhanen(at)tut.fi.

If you have questions concerning the recruitment process, please contact HR Specialist Päivi Peltonen, email paivi.peltonen(at)tut.fi
How to apply: Note! Before applying, you are encouraged to contact one or more of the Faculty’s professors, to ensure that your research interests align with those of the Faculty’s. In previous years, almost all successful candidates have contacted the Faculty’s professors before submitting the application. For names of our professors and their research groups, see:

Applications must be submitted by TUT online application form. The closing date for applications is 2 October 2017 (24.00 EEST/21.00 UTC). All attached documents should be in pdf format.

Applications and all accompanying documentation must be in English.

Applications must include:
1. Letter of motivation with description of research interests, max 2 pages
2. Full curriculum vitae listing all relevant experiences (See our CV template for a list of relevant information http://www.tut.fi/cs/groups/public_news/@l102/@web/@p/documents/liit/x147586.pdf)
3. Officially certified copies of your MSc+BSc degree certificates including transcripts of all university records and their English translations (Finnish certificates are accepted) and A Diploma Supplement (DS)
4. Certificate of language test (if applicant's native language is other than Finnish or English), or other demonstration of your language skills
Additional information on attachments to applications.