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Doctoral Student (Machine Learning)

The research conducted at the Department of Signal Processing covers signal processing widely. The main research themes are Intelligence in Machines, Information Technology for Biology and Health, and Signal and Information Processing. The department has a modern, forward-looking research agenda, which is scientifically ambitious, industrially interesting and well aligned with the general goals of the Tampere University of Technology. It combines elements of science and technology in innovative ways. However, the research agenda is open to new initiatives. The department has strong societal and industrial links.

For more information about the Department and the main research themes, please refer to www.tut.fi/en - About TUT - Departments - Signal Processing.

Multimedia Research Group is one of the leading research groups in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. Our study on salient object segmentation is state-of-the-art. We won several awards including the IBM Best Paper Award at IEEE ICPR’14, the 3rd rank at The 2013 Face Recognition Evaluation in Mobile Environment, and the 2nd place in PhysioNet Challenge 2016. We are very active in the field of Evolutionary ANNs where the work published in Neural Networks journal has become one of the most-read and the most-cited papers in the Journal’s history. Our work has been published in top-tier international journals, such as IEEE TIP, IEEE TNNLS, IEEE TCYB, IEEE TKDE, IEEE TSP, IEEE TMM, IEEE THMS, IEEE TCSVT, IEEE TBE, CVIU, PR, and top rated international conferences such as ICPR, ICIP, ICASSP, ICME, IJCNN.
Job description: Multimedia Research Group has an open Doctoral Student position in the field of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. The selected candidate will focus his/her research on the following topics:
- Neural Networks and Deep Learning for Regression and Classification
- Feedforward and Recurrent networks
- Theoretical aspects of deep neural networks
- Network architecture design for specific applications.

The new techniques and theories will focus on applications which are interesting for the candidate and fall within the expertise of MRG, such as Computer Vision, Image and Video analysis, financial data analysis, object and action detection and classification, Salient Object segmentation etc.

The selected candidate will work as a member of the Multimedia Research Group and will be supervised by the senior members of the group (Prof. Moncef Gabbouj and Academy Postdoctoral Researcher Alexandros Iosifidis). The duties of all Doctoral Students include teaching duties that amount to approximately 5% of their annual working hours, unless there are justified reasons to the contrary.
Requirements: A suitable background for this open position includes experience and/or applicable studies in the areas of (depending on the application interests of the student):
- Pattern Recognition
- Machine Learning approaches
- Computer vision
- Image and Video Analysis
- Software engineering
- Applied mathematics

Fluent written and spoken English and proficiency in programming using Python, Matlab and C/C++ are required. Knowledge of relevant tools such as TensorFlow, Theano, OpenCV Library etc. is a plus.

The successful candidate must hold a Master’s degree or be close to completion of their degree in computer science, computing, information technology, applied mathematics, electrical and computer engineering or equivalent. The recruited candidate must either already be enrolled or enroll in a doctoral programme at TUT. The research conducted within the project may be utilized towards the completion of a doctoral dissertation.
Salary: The salary will be based on both the job demands and the employee's personal performance in accordance with the University Salary System. According to the criteria applied to teaching and research staff, the position of Doctoral Student is placed on the job demands levels 1-4. An incentive pay system is applied for Doctoral Students.
Trial period: The appointment is subject to the satisfactory completion of a trial period of four months.
Other: The position will be filled for a fixed term period from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2019.
For more information, please contact: Prof. Moncef Gabbouj (moncef.gabbouj@tut.fi) or Academy Postdoctoral Researcher Alexandros Iosifidis (alexandros.iosifidis@tut.fi).
How to apply: Applications must be submitted in English by TUT online application form. The closing date for applications is 15 December 2016 (24.00 EET / 22.00 UTC).

Please include the following attachments:
- CV (including list of publications)
- Motivation letter, including the application areas of interest and some initial thoughts on how the targeted problems will be approached

Additionally, if you are not currently a TUT student, please also include:
- certificate of Master's degree (including official translation to English if certificate is not in English or Finnish)
- certificate of Bachelor's degree (including official translation to English if certificate is not in English or Finnish)
- certificate of language test IELTS/TOEFL/CAE/CPE/PTE A (if applicant's native language is other than Finnish or English).
Additional information on attachments to applications.