PHASE 1 Discovery Biology, 2 positions

Orion Corporation operates in more than 20 countries, where we Orionees, 3400 in total, work in all kinds of positions. Among us there are Research Scientists, Laboratory Technicians, Engineers and IT Specialists as well as people working in Production, just to mention some examples. We offer diverse and responsible jobs to our personnel in a truly multi-disciplinary work environment. We encourage people to develop their competences and offer opportunities to affect the job description and creating their own career path at Orion. We are searching for top talents who are ready to share our passion for the work that we do.
Application period ends: 2018-02-11
Unit: Orion Corporation
Location: Turku
Type of employment: Fixed-term
Description of position: We are looking for two summer workers in the discipline of cell biology.

Task 1: Cell culturing and characterization in cells expressing a variety of Ion channels that are believed to be of importance in pain mechanisms. The functionality of these cells is tested by quantifying their Ca release (FLIPR technology) or by Electrophysiological experiments (automated Patch Clamp). Different reference and Orion proprietary compounds are characterized. Imaging techniques are also used.

Task 2: Work with inducible pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Development and testing of differentation protocols. Characterization of iPCSs on both RNA and protein levels, testing of functionality. Imaging.

We have planned that the summer work begins in May and lasts about four months. The students can take a summer holiday of three weeks in July. We are open to discuss the opportunity of the chosen students conducting their final thesis with Orion.
Description of unit: Discovery Biology & Molecular Profiling unit consist of nearly 20 people working as Principal Scientists, Research / Junior Scientists and Assistants. We belong to the global function of Medicinal Chemistry and we have close collaboration with our chemists who actually make the compounds that we then test in our assays. We work together in teams that vary depending on time, demands and competencies.
We offer: We offer you the opportunity to show your talent in one of the most innovative companies in Finland. We also offer you great colleagues and the opportunity to challenge yourself with interesting tasks. In addition to your own duties, you will get a comprehensive picture of all Orion's activities and numerous different tasks we have. Welcome to build well-being this summer!
Requirements: From a successful candidate we are expecting excellent background in cell and molecule biology, both theoretically and from a research lab (for example summer work in a laboratory or equivalent). Practical experience from cell culture is a must. The instruments and techniques can be learned in Orion. We are counting on that the applicants are approaching the end of their education (maximum of 2 years remaining in the master's education).