PHASE 1 Digital Research Trainee

Orion Corporation operates in more than 20 countries, where we Orionees, 3400 in total, work in all kinds of positions. Among us there are Research Scientists, Laboratory Technicians, Engineers and IT Specialists as well as people working in Production, just to mention some examples. We offer diverse and responsible jobs to our personnel in a truly multi-disciplinary work environment. We encourage people to develop their competences and offer opportunities to affect the job description and creating their own career path at Orion. We are searching for top talents who are ready to share our passion for the work that we do.
Application period ends: 2018-02-11
Unit: Orion Corporation
Location: Espoo/Turku
Type of employment: Fixed-term
Description of position: We are looking for a summer worker in our X Lab unit. Your tasks will involve researching and exploring emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, wearable devices and solutions and other things startups are creating for the benefit of our customers in the future. You will be generating ideas together with our propeller heads and partners how new things and solutions would and should be used.

This task requires more open mind than anything, but having some on-going academic incubation in the field of AI or applied sciences wouldn't hurt. Explain yourself how your background, personality and education is the best combo for this kind position. We can't exactly describe what you should do in the summer of 2018 as we're not fully certain about it ourselves either.

We have planned that this summer job would start in the beginning of May and last about 3-5 months.
Description of unit: X Lab unit researches and pilots something that is very new or doesn’t exist at the moment in the pharmaceutical industry. Main emphasis is around different aspects of digitalization: Artificial Intelligence, wearables, block chain, VR/AR or any other emerging technologies one can think of that might be useful for our customers and/or us.
We offer: We offer you the opportunity to show your talent in one of the most innovative companies in Finland. We also offer you great colleagues and the opportunity to challenge yourself with interesting tasks. In addition to your own duties, you will get a comprehensive picture of all Orion's activities and numerous different tasks we have. Welcome to build well-being this summer!