Purchaser 采购-靖江

Country China
Responsible person(s) for the recruitment Lena Wang
City Jingjiang, Jiangsu
Job description -Material call-off/ Order Management;
-Delivery performance follow-up;
-Contract implementation/compliance;
-Day-to-day supplier routines;
-Short-term forecasting and supplier confirmations;
-Supplier quality/ reclamations;
-Main contact point for named supplier;
-Escalation to Sourcing if needed;
-Invoice management;
-Material master mgmt (info records) in System for factories;
-Other tasks assigned by superior.

What we expect from you -Bachelor degree, major in mechanical or electrical will be preferred;
-More than 2 years related working experience in multinational company will be preferred;
-Good command of English;
-SAP experience is a plus;
-Motivation, honesty, teamwork.