Project Manager/项目经理

Country China
Responsible person(s) for the recruitment July Cao
City Shanghai
Job description It is responsible for:
• financial result of the delivery project; keeping or improving the project’s margin
• on-time delivery of the project
• delivering the project according to the contract
• managing all customer transactions
• delighting the customer

Main tasks include:
• Makes critical project decisions
• Knows the customer contract & interprets it to the rest of the organization
• Makes overall project schedule, connects sub-schedules
• Makes project budget and constantly forecasts the financial result
• Secures the necessary resources for the project. Does constant resource planning
• Launches the project team and organizes needed meetings
• Secures that persons nominated to his/her project know what they should do
• Secures that the project team members know their detailed financial goals
• Constantly follows and steers the progress, manages changes
• Initiates invoicing and controls the money collection
• Initiates and controls that the necessary financials instruments are received and issued
• Manages and settles extra orders during the project
What we expect from you • Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical, electrical or automation;
• At least 5 years work experience and 2 years’ experience from project deliveries including project management related tasks
• Technical and application knowledge of industrial crane products
• Strong communication and commercial negotiation skill is must;
• The ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing both in English and Chinese;
• Experience in a customer facing role