Order Management Engineer/订单管理工程师

Country China
City Jingjiang
Job description • Customer Order handling & Following;客户订单处理和进度跟进。
• Collect timesheet;收集进度情况
• Review production status with production planers to ensure the commitment to customer. 同生产计划员紧密沟通,以保证能够按确认交期交付客户产品。。
• Offer summary collect and update;提供汇总和更新情况
• Follow up and completion orders. Keep communication with clients for order status. 跟进并确保订单按时完工,与客户持续沟通订单的进度状态。
• Respond to all kind of inquiry from customer relate to order.与客户沟通与订单相关的各项业务问讯并及时回复。
• Other duties as assigned by management.经理交办的其他工作
What we expect from you Skills & Knowledge:
• Bachelor degree or above, major in supply chain, finance, logistics , international trading is preferred;本科学历,供应链、财务、国际贸易专业的优先
• Good command of written English;良好的英语写作阅读能力
• Solid MS office skill; 良好的MS办公软件使用技能
• Good planning and arrangement skill; 良好的计划和安排能力
• SAP or other ERP system experience is prefer有SAP 或ERP工作经验者优先

Behavioural Competencies:
• Positive attitude and self-confidence;积极的工作态度,自信
• Ability to take ownership and responsibility;能够独立自主的工作
• Team oriented;有团队意识
• Self motivated;积极主动
Target oriented.以目标为导向